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Selectable ALTERA, XILINX device modules and various application modules

  • Modularized ALTERA, XILINX devices
  • Flexible and extendable capacity of device design
  • Experiment on various application examples using peripheral devices
  • Selecting 16 input frequencies through Clock Control Block
  • Loadable on various application modules
  • Make ALTERA and XILINX devices replaceable with each other through modularization, taking the FPGA device’s flexibility and extendibility into consideration.
  • Supply an independent power to a module for its single use by making it possible to mount the FPGA device and configuration device oscillator on the device module.
  • It is possible to receive 16 types of base clocks and user clocks ranging between 0Hz and 50MHz by using the Clock Control Block. And users can select a clock by using the User Clock EN switch of the FPGA module.
  • There are 50 pin X 2 extendable ports to interface the user-made input/output devices. Moreover, users can control data in other places than a board. There is an extendable port on the top of a board to mount a dedicated module on it.
  • Users can make a program easily by using a hardware module to connect the PC used in various tasks (FPGA Download, PROM Program).


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