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HBE Sensor Multi

HBE Sensor Multi

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Microprocessor Training Equipment capable of practicing application of various sensors

  • Supports multiform MCU of independent module structure
  • Supports CPLD module for digital circuit experiment
  • Functional modularity of application
  • Provides analysis and measurement module for improving the efficiency of MCU learning
  • Supports various interfaces for signal connections between MCU and module
  • Offers measurement point for signal analysis
  • Provides multiform program experiments for the basis and project experiments
  • Basically loaded with 8 bit MCU (ATmega128) for practicing various sensors application.
  • Provide maximum expandability into various optional sensors from basic sensor through changeable module configuration.
  • Possible to practice various microprocessor programmings through sensors application.
  • Possible to configure sensor modules according to necessary application.
  • Provide various input switches and output display devices.
  • Include application modules for education of USN and sensors.
  • Provide various exemplary programs necessary for application practice.
  • Designed suitably for sensor application by obtaining digitalized output every sensor module.
  • Capable of being used as an applicable sensor module of imbedded, UCN, MCU etc for
  • maximizing product utility.
  • Possible to practice various projects by providing the interface co-operating with each module of HBE-MCU-Multi.
Technical Configuration
  • Basic practice of classified sensor interfaces
  • Selective power supply according to sensor module class
  • Actuator(Step motor, Buzzer, Relay) experiment and practice according to sensor output power


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