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  1. It can measure pulse, cardiac sound, ECG, EMG, EOG by OP AMP function.
  2. The Pulse Rate can measure the amount of oxygen in blood by checking the difference of the amount of light caused by expansion and contraction of artery when you place your finger artery between luminescence.
  3. Cardiac sound can make you hear the heartbeat sound by speaker that you can only hear by stethoscope.
  4. ECG is an equipment that can check the material of P, Q, R, S and T and the heart’s electrical signals with a standard 12-revulsion revulsion using standard limb can be observed.
  5. EMG can be observed to boost the slight action potentials generated by contraction when the muscle cell excited.
  6. The experiment form 1 to 7 can observe the wave on their position by included oscilloscope.
  7. The experiment form 1 to 7 can be seen on the computer screen.
  8. It includes Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator and generates ECG, sinusoidal, triangle and square wave and they are used for experiments.
  9. Every-equipment for experiments (Pulse Rate, Cardiac sound meter, ECG, EMG, EOG) is divided completely OP AMP bloc
    -There is a test point to check the input and output of the wave of each OP AMP
    - Whenever the signal passes the filter in PCB, the gained and filtered frequency can be observed.
    - The amplification rate due to the difference between the signal (male, female) can be controlled.
  10. Before all experiment, you can study resistor, condenser, coil and OP ANP basic function
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